Value Engineering, Value Management and Lean Projects

The following is a partial list of diverse applications where Value Engineering/Management/Analysis has been used.

International Projects:

The Fletcher Group has been providing VE/VA services on major transportation and watershed management projects in the Philippines, since 2017. We have also conducted SAVE International Value Engineering certified training (VMF1) to government agencies (NEDA, DPWH and NIA) as part of the project assignments.

Canadian Projects:

 The Fletcher Group has conducted seventeen Value Engineering/ Management projects for Ontario Power Generation’s Nuclear Division for projects at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station and Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. The projects included changes to the facilities within the station, process improvement and policy modifications.  We also assisted OPG in the development of their training program to instruct their 1500 engineers in the use of Value Engineering.


(2017)  Value Management Policy and Procedure Development  which will guide the province on the applications of VM.

This policy will guide the province on the application of value management.

Value Engineering Study – Alberta Infrastructure –  Alberta School for the Deaf

This study was commissioned to conduct a value scoping study to determine the future needs of the Alberta School for the Deaf, in Edmonton. This was a particularly contentious study since the University of Alberta had a desire to occupy this site as part of their long term expansion plan. The 5 day workshop was facilitated by Tom Fletcher with the results of the session producing conceptual block plans and cost estimates for potential solutions the renovation for the facilities that were acceptable to the deaf community.


Value Engineering Study – Alberta Infrastructure – Jasper High School Consolidation Project

This study was commissioned to conduct a Value Engineering workshop and Design Charrette to review the conceptual design for the Jasper AB consolidation of the local francophone and public school.


Value Engineering Study – Alberta Infrastructure – East Edmonton

Value Scoping Study for Alberta Infrastructure/ Education to determine the best option and gain consensus among the stakeholders, to amalgamate three elementary/ junior high school facilities , near Edmonton, into one centralized location.


  • VE Specialist – Smithville Pumping Station Upgrade project, Niagara Region. The VE workshop was convened to address a long term odour control problem in the Town of Grimsby due to the existing trunk sewer and the potential for the increased requirement for odour control due to increasing the capacity of the trunk sewer from Smithville to the sewage plant in Grimsby, ON.
  • VE/ FPS Specialist , Region of Niagara, Water/ Wasterwater Servicing project for the Town of Wainfleet to validate the design and capital cost of servicing 1000 residents along Lake Erie with municipal water and sewers. Project value $70 Million.
  • Value Engineering – Sub-consultant Welland Oxford/Atlas/Wellington Sanitary  Sewer Value Engineering Study. To assess the various alternatives for sewer separation of storm and sanitary sewers. Also considered high flow treatment alternative. Resulted in re-design of preferred solution and simplification of process. Project estimate $16 Million.


– Capital Projects and Business Process Improvement

  • Business Process Improvement Value Management Study for the Provincial Highway’s Division to set the framework for engineering and management position as part of the long term strategy for the ministry.
  • Business Process Improvement, Value Management study for MTO COMPASS system and Electrical Maintenance functions throughout the province
  • Sub- consultant Project Manager, Traffic Engineering Business Analyst, Value Engineering/ FPS Specialist, on Ministry of Transportation Traffic Volumes System’s Assessment project. (TVIS2) This phase of the project was a 10 month assignment to utilize the VE methodology to develop a Functional Performance Specification for the new system based on user requirements, compare the proposed specification to existing applications in the various DOTs and Canadian Ministry’s of Transportation; rate the alternatives and recommend purchase or development of new system.
  • VE/FPS Specialist, Business analyst and sub-consultant  project manager for the MTO Contract Management Services Portal (CSMP) project to use the VE Functional analysis-Functional Performance Specification (FPS) as a means to replace their legacy construction administration system.
  • Sub-consultant VE/ FPS specialist, MTO project to integrate GIS systems into the new highway reference system to replace the MTO Linear Highway reference system.
  • Sub-consultant VE Specialist – MTO – Windsor BIIG project. This project dealt with the new road alignment from existing Highway 401 westerly to the new border crossing. Project present value is estimated at $2.4 Billion.
  • Sub-consultant VE Specialist – Value Management Study for the Ministry of Transportation to develop a functional performance specification to evaluate the future needs of the next generation of Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations.
  • Sub-consultant VE Specialist – MTO – Highway 407 High Speed Transit Way; This project intends to initially build a high speed bus transit way (BRT) the 407ETR corridor between Kennedy Road and Highway 400. In the long term, a high speed rail option (LRT)  is under consideration. The project includes runningways , stations and maintenance facilities. There were 3 FPS workshops and 2 VE workshops conducted for this project  to assist in the development of transitway performance standards and to evaluate the preliminary design.
  • Sub-consultant VE Specialist/ Facilitator, MTO, Southwestern Region, To conduct a Value analysis workshop to confirm the conceptual design for the expansion to the Truck Ferry Terminal at Windsor for the hauling of Hazardous Waste products from Windsor to Detroit.  This resulted in a new configuration for the loading platform to permit a more efficient access to the barge.
  • Sub-consultant VE Specialist, Ministry of Transportation, To conduct a VE/Safety performance workshop for the newly opened Sault Ste. Marie bypass, Highway 17. This included the creation of a risk register for the project.
  • VE/FPS Specialist, Ministry of Transportation, Northeastern region. To analyse the existing operational  Winter highway maintenance procedures for Highway 17 transcanada highway, north of Sault Ste. Marie, on portions of the highway that experience many winter storm closures. The study outcome is to develop preferred alternatives and recommend  a “best practices” approach for this area and potentially for this highway corridor. This included a risk assessment using a FMEA approach.

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