Value Management/ Engineering and Lean Specialists

The goal of The Fletcher Group is to be one of the leading groups in the emerging market of Value Management / Engineering and Lean.

Value Engineering Management Training

All VM training courses are conducted to the standard of Save International and  Value Analysis Canada.

Value Engineering & Management Projects

View a partial list of diverse applications where Value Engineering/Management/Analysis has been used.

Value Management (also known as Value Engineering or Value Analysis) depending on the business sector, is a systematic and functional based approach to improving the value of projects, processes or products. A VM study involves a team of people following a structured process. The process helps team members communicate, understand different perspectives, innovate and analyze. Value Management is an extremely effective tool for design of any project, product or concept. VM seeks and identifies client needs and performance levels required at the best life cycle cost. By identifying required client needs through “function analysis,” an item’s cost can be more closely match its worth.

Value = Satisfaction of Needs over Life Cycle Costs (Resources)

Lean- : is a complementary methodology with the goal of satisfying the goals of the client and increasing value by the elimination of waste. This has been traditionally utilized in manufacturing processes. The concepts are being rapidly adopted in many business sectors such as hospital administration, government departments and private sector applications.

Our mission is to provide creative, cost effective business solutions to our clients by measuring and enhancing value through a structured ,function oriented approach by combining the strengths of Value Management and Lean. Our multi-discipline team approach delivers solutions in:

Capital Project Reviews

Product & Process Improvement

Project Improvement

Strategic Planning

Client/ Staff Training

“MTO has saved over $1.2 Billion on our projects since we launched our VE program in 1998”.

Steve Holmes


“Instead of thinking in terms of ‘things’, Value Analysis changes the thinking process to ‘functions’. “

~ Larry Miles

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

~Norman Vincent Peale